They are beyond parody....

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7 October 2014

The LibDems of course.

The latest bit of LibDem loonacy at their Conference suggests that they think football clubs are too keen on winning...

They are complaining that "winning has become the primary motive in the sport’ and about an ‘influx of overseas investment".

Now I am not a football fan and I am not very interested in sport at all but is not the whole point about professional sport winning!  I know that much.  Indeed whatever amateurs claim about 'taking part is what counts' they all want to win as well and winning is what they train for.   Winning teams get investment, winning amateur athletes get sponsorship ....oooops they don't like that investment either if it comes from overseas.  

This attitude does suggest an answer as to why they have so opposed measures needed to cut public spending and taxes sufficiently to speed up economic recovery.  Also why they want higher taxes - they hate winners in business as well as sport.

Why on earth did Cameron go into coallition with these born losers and complete buffoons?
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