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The Front Page. - Copy 278 ( Dover in Summer..more pix Community Safety Day )

Dover in Summer....

Another shot above from the exciting Community Safety Day showing the DHB Tugboat Doughty in fine spray put on quite a spectacular display. Dover is always packed with exciting events every summer and we are spolied for choice, sometimes several events on the one day...which can be a tad frustrating. Although we missed out on the Regatta this year, we are told it is returning next year and we can look forward to that...but we still had plenty of sea side action as shown above.

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As the razzamatazz and bustle of the Olympic Games recedes into the distance, and life returns to a welcome tranquility, our picture on the left sums up what tranquility is all about. Tranquil England in the quiet summer.

The picture features the wonderful Dexter cattle who passively stroll the hills above Dover, pausing occasionally here and yonder, to glance at the ferries in the distance as they shuttle back and forth to France.

The picture showing here was taken by Paul Sampson a leading light in the WCCP.....the White Cliffs Countryside Project. Paul is asking for local volunteers to help out a little with the cattle, to check that they are basically okay and to make sure they have water and so on. As we are all aware these days, grazing cattle and ponies are integral to ensuring that plants, butterflies, etc thrive on these lovely hills.

If anyone looking in is interested or knows someone that would be interested please ring 01304 241806 and everything will be explained in more detail.

The picture above is from the Community Safety Day Event on Dover Seafront on saturday. The weather was blistering, although its fair to say an easterly picked up later on in the day that could whip the skin off a rice pudding, but it didn't stop the seafront buzzing all day and people enjoying themselves greatly. There was much going on. The local Lifeboat guys did a whirling display, aided and abetted by the Police RIB, and the picture shows them in fine fast action. Woe ! Hold on to your breakfast!

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