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The Front Page. - Copy 274 ( Sizzling beach and the start of the Olympic Games )

A Sizzling few days leads us into the Olympics!

Friday was a big day for the UK, the day the Olympic Games officially started in London. If you were unaware of this turn of events then you must have been holidaying on Mars, although I suspect the coverage will have even reached Mars. We have been truly blitzed with news of every facet of the torch relay, but now exhausted we have reached and gone through the actual opening ceremony itself. Those of us who just want to see the marvellous sport rather than all the build-up and ballyhoo will now enjoy it immensely. But....what did you think of the Opening ceremony ?? Was it a damp squib or a highly relevant portrait of Britain and its past.

For those who cant wait for it all the be over....well there's always the beach. And hasn't the beach been fabulous for the past few days. Hot tropical temperatures have had us the only place to be around here was our famous Dover Beach. Fun and frolics you can see above. Seafront pic taken on wednesday...and the other pic from the Olympic ceremony on friday.

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