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The Front Page. - Copy 186 (Dover Regatta)

Dover Regatta 2011 - New Pictures added below.

The sun powers through the heavy cloud about midday saturday and the seafront festivities swing into top gear. Thousands flock to see all the activities and to enjoy some fun in the sun.

There were allsorts of activities for the kids, for the adults, but always welcome most of all are the guys on the left, Air/Sea Rescue. Your heart lifts when they thunder into view, and here they come saturday 1pm...coming in to join the party, as the captain of the Seafrance Moliere looks on.

They went straight into high-octane action working in close harmony with the RNLI Lifeboat guys plucking bewildered and confused victims from the water. Of course it wasnt for real, the guys in the water were neither confused nor bewildered but all put on a great display for the thousands watching. Well done to them all.

All the pictures feature helicopters in action. Very much an airborne weekend.


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