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The Picture Files :
Not always in chronological order but a general glance through our picture files.
See also the previous pages.
October 2011 - here we have the two top civic dignitaries at the moment of writing, left to right Cllr Sue Nicholas Chairman of Dover District Council and the Mayor of Dover Cllr Ronnie Philpott, seen here above accepting flowers at the grand opening of the Hythe Bay Seafood Restaurant on Dover Seafront. A grand occasion indeed and here the ladies look equally grand and glamourous. There is also another picture below from this event and a full spread in our archive All Recent Features.
Merchant Navy Memorial Day September 2011
It is always a moving and colourful ceremony on the seafront and well attended.
Remembrance Sunday Nov 2011 : Members of Dover Town Council in solemn mood as they listen to the Service for Remembrance Sunday. Those in the red gowns are either the current Mayor... Cllr Ronnie Philpott tall female figure centre left, or previous Mayors. Previous Mayors shown are Cllr Jan Tranter, Cllr Gordon Cowan, Cllr Sue Jones.

There are further Remembrance pictures in our main archive which is called ALL RECENT FEATURES. You can find this in our menu left. See copy 211 there for the Remembrance pictures.
The Cronk Brothers Nov 2011 : There is no mistaking the family link between these two guys. Yes indeed you can certainly see the genetics at work. These guys are very familiar to many..being none other than the Cronk Brothers from Deal. On the left we see Dave, and on the right, a marginally more familiar face, Jim. Both are councillors at Deal Town Council and Jim is also a District Councillor at DDC.

Both guys are very much involved in community life. Dave is chair of the local Allotments Working Group and of course is a newly elected Cllr at Deal. He is also a school governor at Warden House and to top it all...he is also that much maligned FA Referee! Despite giving so much time to the community Dave also a real job working for Priority Freight at Whitfield.

Jim is currently serving his 3rd term as Mayor of Deal. He has been a Councillor for more than 10 years representing Sholden, Deal. He also has been a school governor at Deal Community and Sholden Primary. Again Jim is clearly very keen on serving the community as we can see. When he gets some time to himself, which is'nt very often, he enjoys reading novels, his great passion. Picture was taken at Mayor Jim's recent charitable fundraiser.
OCT 2011 : Hythe Bay Restaurant Opening - Dover Seafront.
As I write there is a full feature on our current frontpage (Full feature on grand opening now in our All Recent Features archive see menu) more pictures there. A spilloff picture now added here above on this picture page. From left to right.. Pauline Kennedy event arranger Eastwell Manor, Cllr Sue Nicholas Chairman of Dover District Council, Cllr Ronnie Philpott Mayor of Dover, Turrloo F Parrett Chairman of Eastwell Manor group, Cllr Paulina Stockell Chairman of Kent County Council, and Robert Stockell accompanying Paulina as official escort. All attended the opening of the exciting new award winning seafood restaurant in the Dover Seasport Centre. Picture: Colette Boland.

Note: We are changing these pages and moving away from the straightforward Who's Who remit previously pursued. We are now widening the content, widening the scope, so that we can feature additional pictures here on these pages. Some old, some new. If a member of Doverforum you can add a comment below.
Feb 2011: Paul Wells, known to all of us here on Doverforum as Scotchie, is beginning to make a big name for himself as both an historian and a local photographer. His amazing photographs have recently caught the eye of the commercial world following his frontpage exhibition here on Doverforum just a week or two ago, particularly the ones in stunning black and white. The pictures were very successful and very well received by one and all. But of course Paul is not just a indeed. Many readers will already know of his recent book too, which is of immense interest to those interested in yesteryear Dover.

The book is called Dover Past and Present, published in 2009 by the History Press, which Paul aka Scotchie co-wrote with Jeff Howe. It is a terrific mixture of past and present photographs with the emphasis on the past, and includes fascinating details of just how life used to be here in Dover. There are more books in the pipeline too.

But despite this local expertise, 35 year old Paul does not come from Dover at all. He is not a local but an interloper from the sunny climes of Hampshire, that far off land of country squires and apple greenery. Whereas most young men are urged to
‘go west young man’, Paul came east and ended up living in Margate here in Kent. However he did move a trifle west in the end and is now happily resided in the snug confines of our near neighbour Deal.

As mentioned Paul is an avid historian. In this vein over the years he has been a tremendous contributor to this website, supplying pictures of immense interest and with bags of detail to go with them. So much so that we now have quite a group of enthusiastic historians contributing with an interest primarily in Dover’s past.

Long may it continue.

But Paul gets about in other areas too. He is Treasurer of the Western Heights Preservation Society which looks after the wellbeing of that particular area, and of course as many will know, this Society also puts on those exciting re-enactments. Paul also finds time, just where does he get the energy, to be a Friend of Dover Castle and a member of the Kent Underground Research Group.

The picture above is a self portrait by Paul ‘Scotchie’ Wells and yes there are four of him!
Your eyes have not deceived you.
Pictures shown on these pages must not be reproduced without permission from
December 2009 : Mike Webb is a very well known and popular figure here in Dover. He has in recent times held two very high profile positions in the town, the first being Dover Town Centre Manager, which he held for a number of years, in fact from 1999 to 2005, and he followed on from this by taking up the equally significant role as Town Clerk at Dover Town Council…this is a role he fulfils currently.

In his days as Town Centre Manager , Mike showed great skill at holding the business community together. Many businesses joined the scheme, including ourselves here at Doverforum, and the whole concept motored along quite well, but to some extent was always hampered by a lack of solid funding. Sadly TCM was burdened by the need to raise most of its own finances, which of course would have hampered its daily effectiveness to a degree. Despite that particular handicap a great many advancements were achieved on behalf of local business.

After Mike’s departure from this role, an effort was made to keep the TCM concept alive but it was difficult to replace such an effective persona as Mike Webb's, and the efforts to keep it running did not turn out to be successful. Even though by this time Mike was enjoying his new role, he was nevertheless was very sad to see the decline of TCM. Since then Dover has existed without any co-ordinating business body at the core of things, although very recently the Chamber of Commerce has begun a new initiative with the Dover Business Support Manager idea(Roger Walkden), an idea which has been received well.

Mike was born in Dover but left the town to attend University, and from that time on he travelled widely to more than 50 countries and over the years accumulated considerable business experience along the way, having at one time ran his own international business which endured for more than 20 years. He was then involved in training personnel for the likes of Eurotunnel , Seafrance and Hoverspeed and spent 5 years living in France doing just that. Mike returned to Dover, was married to Carole by then, and raised kids here in the town because as Mike says… “ Dover is a great place to bring up kids!”

In no time at all Mike then found himself in the Town Centre Manager job which brings us full circle. Now he enjoys the somewhat quieter role as Town Clerk but is just as effective.

“Town Clerk is a very different job“ says Mike,” largely out of the public eye. I am the ‘proper officer’ which means that I and my staff advise the Council but do not make policy or get involved in politics. It is my legal duty to carry out the democratic will of the Council.” Long may he continue.


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  • ColetteB

    Wow! They are mine! I thought they were taken by a professional, such as yourself but hey I see now that I'm almost, if not, better than you lol!3 January 2012   12:09
  • PaulB

    Colette just to let you know that the two pictures just added to the top of the page were actually taken by yourself. We have taken so many that you probably have forgotten which is which. So they are all your own work. Well done with those yourself.

    Will be adding more to this page as we go along.2 January 2012   08:42
  • ColetteB

    Nice one PaulB! Love the newly added pix.31 December 2011   20:45
  • PaulB

    Continuing now to expand these pages..slowly but surely building up an archive in pictures and words, of both the local people in power and the local people not in power of any kind, but mostly just those who add to the community spirit and effort.31 December 2011   14:30
  • ColetteB

    What a splendid evening it was at the official opening of the new Hythe Fish Bay Restaurant and lovely to meet with Mr Turrloo Parrett, Sue Cross and Pauline Kennedy and of course all the usual familiar faces, always a delight! 20 October 2011   16:39
  • Val Nice

    Just logged in to the Dover Site, its good to read about our Town, its the best place to live in the South.
    A comment about the 'photos , we both know numerous local people who work hard for Dover who do not have a photo on the Who's who ,indeed who would not want it they are really not happy to be forever in the " Limelight" Vic Matchem please take note!8 June 2011   10:47
  • PaulB

    Delighted to re-ignite this page again with a feature on Paul Wells otherwise known to us all as Scotchie. We now have three pages running and with a bit of wind in our sales we will add more people to it now that its all kickstarted again.

    Hope all enjoy it.1 February 2011   08:19
  • Vic Matcham

    Well it will never happen now that I have packed up.2 September 2010   20:34
  • Vic Matcham

    I will never get on this page now,It looks like the Dubris page in the Dover Express now till I DIE.15 May 2010   20:29
  • Daz

    As Terry Sutton said at the meeting in the church hall, the trouble is everybody does know you!

    Mind you, you do have a case for being on this page, as do many others.12 May 2010   09:48
  • Helen Forrest-Lloyd

    This is a message for Colette and Paul Boland one might call it a blast from the past, Hi Guys remember me, we worked together in Vauxhall London when you ran "Back Street Heroes" The Ford Magazine, Canon Magazine and Paul Boland had just launched his first book on the Bolshei Ballet, and then there I was minding my own business watching GMTV and these two young ladies were on one was called Saskia now when that name came out I thought that is Colette's daughter for sure remembering her name, I did try to contact you Colette and Paul a few years ago I called and spoke to Barry and I left him to inform you of my call, but I do not think he passed the message on anyway here we all are 22 years later, my son Richard who was borne whilst working with you guys is 22 years old now a student student studying for his honours degree at Strathclyde University six foot three and a joy I am so proud of him you have no idea.

    Myself I have my own company called The Synergy Organisation in The Middle East I organise training and call centre management to call centres and contact centres training globally also recruitment for the Middle East.

    I cannot tell you how I feel making contact the memories just come flooding back, and you guys Paul and Colette still flying the flag very successfully in Dover, you two were always going to go far - that was clear to me - Congratulations on your beautiful daughters and would love to make contact.

    Who knows one day you might contact me to reminisce on the old days, we had some laughs didn't we.

    Lots of Love and Kisses,

    Helen and Richard

    Skype: helen forrest lloyd


    Tele: + 44 141 639 1000

    The Synergy Organisation.29 April 2010   15:44
  • Vic Matcham

    I was hoping by geting Lord Pearson to Dover last week, it would get my photo on this page,it is only one I can not get on,I will have to try harder,it must work if I get to be Dover MP in two weeks time. 19 April 2010   15:32
  • MoneyMaster

    What is so important about getting a photo in here Vic. I would suggest you take the hint....after 3 or 4 posts, you still do not have a picture posted.....get the hint!! However, a photo may be good...I would like to see who is so vain they beg for their photo to be posted. You clearly rate yourself higher that anyone else does. This is who's who and clearly nobody wants to know who you are.....just an observation. 22 January 2010   12:31
  • Bern

    I just wanted to add my own support to Sue and her independence. There are many things Sue says with which I agree and many with which I disagree, but her ability to stick to her values and principles is admirable, even when I disagree!! Independent minds and clear values and principles are rare and valuable in todays political climate. It's all in the conversations and the debates!29 December 2009   16:03
  • colin

    I`m on it Vic.29 December 2009   15:12
  • ColetteB

    Good to see our latest addition to the ever popular Who's Who pages is none other than our charming Town Clerk Mr Mike Webb and a very welcoming and deserving addition he makes too. Very good photo, I like it.27 December 2009   12:12
  • Vic Matcham

    I still can not get on this page what must I do .?25 December 2009   12:01
  • PaulB

    Sue there we has taken me until Christmas Day to do it but hopefully it was worth the wait..and there we are now at the top of the page for all to enjoy, a short biog of Mike Webb and with added picture too. The picture was taken recently after Mike's return from illness, it was taken on the day of the new Chamber of Commerce launch. I like that picture, even if I say so meself!25 December 2009   10:01
  • Sue Nicholas

    I keep checking to see if Paul has
    put a new photo on the whos who page .I like that picture of me not because Im vain but it was probably the first time I had attended an event after my deselection .I was in a very happy mood that day .Since then my lovely friend Roger Frayne has been unwell and I trust he will soon be his old self .
    I always like working with Roger he has a wicked sense of humour and like me he does not agree with everything the Conservative group do .
    4 December 2009   22:24
  • sue

    Thank you Jan .When it comes to photos you win hands down.Im sure Paul air brushed a few lines out .Mind you I was in a very happy mood that day and to have two handsome men by my side well what more can one ask .6 November 2009   08:51
  • jan tranter

    Sue nice to see you up there on the who's who page and with such a good picture to go with the write up, which I must say gives a very good description of the sort of hard working councillor you have always been and still are.
    We councillors don't always see eye to eye but I think and I hope you will agree we have always managed to get on with each other.3 November 2009   19:43
  • ColetteB

    Thats a great write up there on our Sue, I still love that picture of 'Our Essex Girl'. 1 November 2009   10:13
  • PaulB

    Have now added Sue to our 'hall of fame' as it were and a great subject she is too. Lots of character to play with there. Hopefully have got most of it right Sue, but if there are any clangers let me know. This section would clearly make a website on its own as it could cover much more ground. As I said before I havent been able to get back to it very often but now that Howard is onboard as Assoc Editor it frees me up a good bit and other things may be possible. So many thanks to Howard on that front and Sue in this case.

    The picture of Sue has been used before, is well known and well liked, I had wanted to do another picture up in her River constituency but wasnt able to get round to least so far.1 November 2009   07:22
  • Vic Matcham

    What can I do now to get on this page,I am being nice to all the readers, I am good looking,been in Dover all my life,well know to all,liked by all,so come on lets see me up in lights again.6 September 2009   06:45
  • PaulB

    Well just as we suspected..those members currently at the top of the page proved just how much they deserve to be in our Who's Who...they are such spirited members of the community. Mandie Sehmbi above organised a Dover Carnival (DCAL) walk from Dover to Brighton to raise money for Hayley Okines. They must be a darn sight fitter than yours truly is all I can say.

    Ian as ever was on hand as workhorse to help throughout. As ever, always there to make things happen with a practical hands on approach.

    The walk was completed and money was raised for a good cause.2 September 2009   07:06