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Mary's Party Pics!

Three young things out celebrating ! Yes its 'the it girls' raving the night away on the late evening sunkissed terrace of the White Horse Inn. That's Mary in the middle clutching her "We'll Miss You" ballooon as she says a party popping farewell to all things Mercurial. But not a final farewell to all things Dovorian as she will be popping back from time to time.

On the left is the lovely BrionyB brilliant in red and on the right is the lovely Saskia W-S peachey in pink ! Such beauty, such style, such all round fabness, such...


Chris Precious on the left enjoying the party atmosphere and next to him the lovely and expectant Mrs Precious. Next is IanL..Croc of the Dour, who is always 'inspecting' the river and last but not least Mary Graham who isnt 'expecting' anything!...other than a payrise. All relaxing in the late evening sun.

Pic on the right shows ClaireB super summer slimmer and all round get fit phenomenon. How did the mini marathon go the next day Claire? With Claire and looking great is daughter Katharine.

Oblivious to the camera as she chats away is Mrs Hannent herself but clearly catching the camera's eye is mini Fab Forumite Victoria Hannent looking super cool and very chic. While in the background young Nigel knocks seven bells out of that last pint. Vic can only watch in heartfelt admiration.

Wow!! As a journalist Mary has seen a heck of a lot but even she had to shield her eyes from the eye popping colourific explosions that both Nigel Collor on the left and Tom Guzzler Mitchell on the right are wearing. So much colour has never been seen in one place and at any one time, not since Mt Vesuvius errrrupted with an almighty bang all the time ago. Phew!

MaryG chats her way around the party and here she is again on the left. Next to her from L to R are
Rev David Ridley, Horace Holyer, Barbara Holyer, Nigel the forground L to R are ClaireB, KatharineB, Fran Lillford and last but certainly not least Stewart Dimmock.

Catching the last rays of the evening sun on the high White Horse Inn rear terrace are Colette Boland, Roger Walkden, Jean Walkden and Barry W-S himself!..All after a hard day 'at the office' on the Regatta frontline stall.

This last shot is much the same as the top one but clearly shows all the ancient ruins in full beauty. No - not you girls, of course not, I speak of the Church behind. Gosh I always forget the name of it..its the St ermmm St its gone again. As ever the girls look terrific.

NOTE: the camera had major malfunction and refused at the fence at this point. It wouldnt go back, it wouldnt go forward. It seized and tipped its jockey into the mire! So if I failed to get your picture I will make up for it next time.


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