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General page No1.- Microlight heads for Moon/Charlie and Sue/Blustery Channel/Friday the 13th.

Earlier this week, as nightime fell over deepest Kent, and before yours truly departed for a short stay in France, a microlight passed over Dover Harbour, and as you can see from this picture... 'twas clearly heading for the moon(!!) There has been little reported in the national press about this fantastic journey, however you and I now know and know first. Whether the guy, perhaps an eccentric millionaire, maybe a mad scientist, whether the guy actually made it or not it is hard to say at the time of going to press, perhaps he landed on Luna Vista beside the World War II bomber found by The Sun ( or was it The News of the World) all those years ago! However, no matter what the truth of this tale be, the picture is real and not a mock up.

A beautiful summers day at the Alkham Valley Fete and new boy Charlie Elphicke, the recently selected Conservative parliamentary candidate for Dover and Deal, is enjoying a fine day out with local Conservative Councillor and leading DDC light Sue Nicholas. Sue is clearly showing Mr Elphicke around and helping him get to know his immediate fighting arena, meeting the people and so on, before the real battle commences, and it may be sooner than we think should Gordon Brown call a snap election in the spring. Many thanks for the lovely pic guys!

Three variations on channel shipping on show in this photo which was taken just a few short days ago when the channel was close to a Force 8. In the foreground is the Speedferries Seacat looking a little battle weary as it retuirns after a tough crossing. It appears to show a few diehard travellers standing on the rear deck, out of either bravery or desperation. Well, it was rough out there! In the mid distance a beautiful sailing ship canters by at full gallop, if indeed one can canter at full gallop, and quite a sight it made on a bright green turbulent sea. In the far distance the great hulking bulk of a tanker casts a sombre but essential shadow.


STAR DATE FRIDAY 13 -Jeane Trend-Hill has sent in her musings on the highly superstitious Friday 13th, and as you all know today is friday the 13th. Best thing is to stay in bed today I expect! This picture on the left, of our resident Psychic Jeane, Fab Forumite to the stars, was taken recently on an excursion to the Kensal Green Cemetary Open Day. Jeane is pictured in Victorian Mourning Dress and looking good. For those interested the Cemetary is 'home' to a fair few celebrity residents such as Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Anthony Trollope, William Makepeace Thackery and WHSmith.

Friday 13th by Jeane Trend-Hill

Well itís Friday the 13th, a day reputed to be unlucky and prone to weird or supernatural occurrences. Strangely enough this urban legend cant be accurately traced in origin to any one particular place or time. Thirteen as a number has been considered unlucky for a long time amongst most western people but Friday the 13th itself doesnít seem to have existed until sometime in the 19th century. Despite or maybe because of its mysterious past, Friday the 13th continues to be a very popular superstition in fact as many as 8% of the population may suffer from Paraskevidekatriaphopia, a phobia listed as belonging to people afflicted with a morbid irrational fear of Friday the 13th. One study concluded that many more car accidents occur on Friday the 13th then on any other average Friday, leading to an upswing in A&E visits for those who continue to flout the unlucky day and drive around as if nothings wrong!! Me? I like Friday 13th, I always find money!

A Few Friday 13th Facts

Triskaidekaphobia (from Greek tris=three, kai=and, deka=ten) is a fear of the number 13. It is usually considered to be a superstition.

A specific fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskavedekatriaphobia or friggatriskaidekaphobia.

The arrest and murder of the Knights Templar occurred on Friday October 13, 1307. This event is incorrectly said to be the origin of the supposed unluckiness of Friday the 13th.

In the USA, many tall buildings do not have a floor numbered 13.

On some aircraft there is no seating row numbered 13.

In Formula One and many other racing categories, no vehicle carries the number 13.


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