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Community Safety Day in Pencester.

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This picture is not technically from the Community Safety Day in Pencester but enjoy it as a spin off. After a fantastic day in the aforementioned park enjoying the aforementioned event, a group wandered off to La Salle Verte to enjoy a nice light Pannini lunch with lashings of the olde vino bianco. Shouldnt be allowed so it shouldnt, so much fun all at once. The topics were hot and so was the company. Ive put this pic at the top of the page mostly due to the man at the front, a man apart, who is the subject of much political rumour at the moment. Yes its none other than former mayor Ken Tranter.Still controversial, still looking good and still fighting fit. Watch this space on Ken!

This photo contains a gaggle of Mayors, not sure what the right name is for a group of Mayors, so let us stick with gaggle, as its probably the safest. Yes Jan Tranter, recent Mayor, is also in the shot right above Ken.

From left to right: Haydn Billson, owner of La Salle Verte, Barry Wadsworth-Smith doverforum sales, Colette Boland doverforum PR, Cllr Jan Tranter very successful recent mayor, Cllr Roger Walkden head of Dover Loyalty Card scheme, Jean Walkden keen supporter of Roger, and in the foreground Ken Tranter also a relatively recent and successful mayor.

This formidable group are the Gurkhas who carried out an alarming knife wielding display. Alarming that is should you be on the wrong end of it. But it was very impressive indeed and in relative safety I managed to get this shot without risking either life or limb. The chaps are from A Company 2nd Regiment Gurkha Rifles. Names as follows and thanks to Colette B for the notes..
Rifleman Anil, Rifleman Pratap, Rifleman Tulsinge Thapa, Rifleman Aman.

Barry W-S basking in the glorious overhead sun, surveys the busy police display which featured everything from motorcycles to power launches....yes that was power launches not power lunches! Great displays from the police were very well received. The picture on the right shows Chief Inspector Roy Cottam chatting in general terms with Jan Tranter, Colette Boland, and Charlie Elphicke, Charlie is the new Conservative Candidate for the area.

On the left here we have Tony Philips, Police Community Support officer, then Conservative Candidate Charlie Elphicke, next Cllr Jan Tranter, and last but certainly not least Cllr Nigel Collor. All displaying leaflets on community safety.


Town Centre Co-Ordinator David Somers,on the right in the picture on the left, was distributing his magazine Doverlife at the event. Nigel Collor helps out with the process of display. On the right we have town and community beat officer PC Steve Alexander who sported a blue furby on top of his helmet..strictly and only for the occasion!

This event was a great success and attracted a significant number of people. There were plenty of displays and demonstrations, including a dog handling display with a very nasty unshaven burglar being apprehended in fine style by a whopping sized policedog. Lovely stuff indeed! It is excellent to see Pencester being put to great community use this year and all events are FREE to everyone!


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