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Charity Auction at The Churchill Hotel.

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Friday Nov23: We have entered this picture on left In the Charity Auction at The Churchill tonight to raise some money for The Dover Seasports Centre. This event usually attracts a very good gathering of people, all willing to part with plenty of cash for local worthy and charitable causes. This is a great and sparkling idea and in fact Doverforum has attended almost every year. We have entered pictures into it before and made quite a few bob for the charities concerned, and also parted with extravagant cash bidding for this, that, and the other, as it is very easy to get carried away. Hopefully there will be some wine in the catalogue again this year which can fulfill my christmas requirements.

The picture itself is being framed as we speak by The White Cliffs Gallery and if it has not been completed by now we are in deep doo dah all round. Barry and Colette are taking care of this little framing detail!

Congratulations must go to The Churchill Hotel for the effort they make in this area every year as many local charities benefit.This year of course it is The Dover Seasports Centre, which when built will benefit all. A huge amount of work has gone into organising the event this year by our regular contributor and all round good egg Michelle Sheppard, so it will be interesting to see how it all turns out. Doverforum are attending to support Michelle and the worthy causes. We will be taking the usual pictures of people in attendance all being as they say... watch this space.

We will of course let you all know how much the picture makes. It is a framed and mounted print, or will be when it's done, dusted, and on display.

Sat 24 Nov:Auction Latest. Well the auction was a big success, and Bill Fawcus of the Dover Harbour Board, who was representing the Dover Seasports Centre, appeared very pleased with the outcome as a total of 5463 was raised. The attendance was down in comparison to recent years and some very familiar faces were missing, but a solid effort was made by those attending to raise some excellent revenue for a good cause. At one point young David Hannent, recovering jollily from illness, got into a 1 by 1 good natured bidding war with one Vic Matcham life-scriber extraordinaire, over 50's worth of Tesco Vouchers. Stagger me! the excitement mounted almost brick by brick, Vic won and paid 55, which of course was over the odds, but that was the name of the worthy game. The doverforum team spent wildly too but that's enough of that!

Our picture above was entered too late to appear in the catalogue but was added in as an afterthought later.This may have affected its value on the night. Fully framed it made just a lowly 35, however the lady who bought it was thrilled, so everyone was happy in the end.

Added News: The evening was presented by Churchill Boss Les Pennington, but where was Michelle Sheppard?? Michelle failed to show and the big story circulating around is that she has quit The Churchill in spectacular fashion, after a bust up. More on that story will emerge.

Below are some scattered pictures I managed to grab before the auditorium filled up and the event started in earnest.
This gathering of lovely ladies would lighten any occasion and it was uplifting to see all with chequebooks in hand ready to spend. From left to right the very glamourous Adeline Reidy, then the equally fab, well in fact they are all fab, Patricia Knight, Helen Miller, and Cathy Quigley.All were geat fun!
It was great to see big cuddly bear and top councillor David Hannent out and about again after his recent nasty illness. That's the lovely Linda also in the picture and she looked after him very well indeed and any talk of nurses uniforms has been greatly exagerated..although, I dont know!! The picture shows them just arriving for the event.

Here we have the famous pugilist, who not only once shared a ring with Frank Bruno, but in recent times has become famous for his literary Life Story, which was started on this Forum and nowadays is often quoted in the Newspapers, particularly the Dubris column.Yes it's that man Vic Matcham with lady wife Lesley.

Then last, but certainly not least, we have the oft photographed Jan Tranter. Jan is of course our recent Mayor and a councillor as well, but now has a new career as the Doverforum top model! Jan is seen here with the Barclays Premier League Trophy. This was drafted in for the grand occasion by The Churchill's Sales Co-Ordinator Michelle Sheppard. Security was tight, minders watched its every moment. We were not allowed to touch it at any time so Jan kept a respectful distance.


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