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Is the future - Boris?

Boris is planning a come back into the Commons and is looking for a seat....

He is also said to be planning a leadership bid at some point and, make no mistake, it is his for the taking and all that wil hold him back is the bigger picture....

What really sealed his success was his announcement on the EU.

He said that if sufficient reform, or a completely fresh relationship between the EU and the UK could not be agreed then we should get out of the EU.  He is right and it is good to see him joining a whole spate of senior Copnservative politicians and business leaders saying the same thing.

But what is meant by a new relationship?   For me and, it seems, many in the Conservative Party, it is to return to a simple trading relationship.  Full stop.  I have no problems about our EU membership on that basis but I will not hold my breath for such a result.

Boris is right, as are others now speaking out.  We have nothing to fear and much to gain by freeing ourselves from the shackles of the EU. The mass of red tape the EU demands cost business a fortune not to mention the direct cost of membership.  The EU is an economic busted flush, brought low by its insane currency experiment and its addiction to rules and high taxes.

Getting out of the EU itself (or a new relationship) is not enough alone though.  This must be accompanied by a lot of domestic reform throwing off much of the damage EU membership has imposed on us.  A bonfire of regulation and a reformed, simplified, low flat tax system is needed too....

The process will start after the next general election whether the Conservatives win or lose....   it will just take a bit longer if we lose and the biggest barrier would be a Limpdem/Labour government somehow contriving to lock us into the EU, pehaps by rigging a referendum on terms the IN camp would win.......


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  • Keith Bibby

    Boris only just got elected last time ,he would have lost next time round du to changing population in London

    Next job parliament ,minister, then the lords gravy train .11 August 2014   21:21
  • Brian Dixon

    no the future is orange.10 August 2014   19:47
  • howard mcsweeney1

    I can't add anything to Philip's post, i would not trust Boris Johnson as far as i could throw him, he knows how to whip up passion from a non thinking audience.7 August 2014   17:19
  • PhilipP

    You would have to be mad or merely uber deluded to trust Boris Johnson. He stands on the podium with a gold medal around his neck for his dedication to changing his mind on most issues in the public conversation.
    First he railed against environmentalists, then he went 180 and was swept up, just like his nemesis Cameron, by the green narcotic telling everyone how wonderful wind turbines were - the idiot.
    His position on Europe has also 180ed over the years and this latest piece is nothing more than froth to be supped by a gullible public and equally gullible media.
    And why would anyone even dream of voting for someone who is against any expansion of Heathrow whilst doing their best to build support for a ludicrous scheme to site an airport on the Thames estuary?
    As far as those stupid tories who still insist that we can re-negotiate with the EU I have a bridge you might like to buy.7 August 2014   17:14
  • David Little

    Just re-read Barry's blog and can't help thinking how defeatist he sounds. It all seems clear what the plan is; the GE is all but lost because of Cameron's liberalism, replace him with Boris after the election. There'll be massive voter apathy among traditional tories who secretly want Cameron out, they can't face another 5 years of him blaming Clegg for his own weaknesses.

    A word of warning about Boris, when he was campaigning in multicultural London he called for an amnesty for illegals.

    I've a feeling my lot might mention that7 August 2014   16:25
  • Brian Dixon

    barking mad that chap.and he needs a dam haircut,looks like an old English sheepdog at the moment.7 August 2014   15:37
  • howard mcsweeney1

    Boris is the consummate politician and has timed his thoughts on the EU to perfection and no doubt will be given a safe seat to ease his way into the commons. The morality of being Mayor of London(a massive job) and being a constituency MP is dubious after earlier saying that he would not stand as the latter whilst being Mayor.

    I doubt he will ever be Prime Minister, great on sound bites but lacking gravitas when being grilled by7 August 2014   11:51
  • David Little

    Conservative voters are reaping what they've sown, they put their faith in a weak, pro EU leader who couldn't beat Brown and is trailing Milliband in the polls. Its too late for Boris to make any difference in next year's GE, he'll win his safe seat but Cameron will lose again. And good riddance, he's duplicitous and time and again shows bad judgement.7 August 2014   09:19