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What he didn't say....

Is what Milliminor's speech will be remembered for.  This public school educated son of a Maxist academic could not bring himself to mention immigration, welfare or the economy.

What he did talk about was higher taxes, more taxes here, more taxes there.  And, of course, spending.  Oh yes, Millminor knows a lot about spending but then he is a professional politician and knows nothing at all about creating wealth.  This inept Labour 'leader' thinks he is up to running the country for ten years yet he has never worked in the 'real' economy and quite clearly is incapable of running even a micro-business.

His formula for a Milliband goverment is to take this country in exactly the same direction as Hollande has taken France.  Yes, ten years of Milliminor will certainly result in the same sorry mess that France is in with unemployment nearly double the UK.  But then Labour always make the same mistakes, they always create an economic crisis, with Labour the only boom is in unemployment, welfare and dependancy. 

Remember that every single period of Labour government has succeeded in increasing unemployment.  So he said nothing about how the policies he announced will wipe 25bn off the size of the economy resulting in at least 300,000 more unemployed over just 4 years (CPS).

As for his other formula, that one for getting elected he is focussed only on getting the 35% of the vote he needs to get an overall majority.  The people he is appealling to are those blinded to reality by their socialist dogma, those making a career out of benefits, those who think the deficit was a bad meal they ate over the weekend and those who are simply too dumb to open their eyes to the real world.

Ten years of a Labour government would be bad enough, economically crippling, but ten years of Milliminor would see this country a bankrupt wreck.


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  • Keith Bibby


    You where calling for the American debt ceiling to be raised ,so the borrowing cycle of Weston debt could go on,, and you where even celebrating uk house price inflation saddling people with even more bank debts .

    When it comes to borrowing and debt , Carmon and Miliband are indistinguishable

    Ps. what do you think on your boys defection?28 September 2014   13:19
  • howard mcsweeney1

    I have waited to see who would pick up on Barry's howler, it is common knowledge that one nation Ed and his brother were educated at their local comprehensive and then went on to Oxford. Mrs Thatcher would have approved them as products of a meritocracy.25 September 2014   20:03
  • Brian Dixon

    ps.pick the bones out of that.25 September 2014   16:29
  • Brian Dixon

    here you are barry,ed's speech in full hd just for you. September 2014   16:28
  • Peter Garstin

    It's a shame Clair doesn't post on this forum, then we would see all sides of the debate presented articulately. Good analysis Barry.24 September 2014   11:30
  • David Little

    Excellent appraisal as usual Barry.

    In all surveys the two most important issues for the electorate are immigration followed by the economy, for years the economy was the highest priority. Ed didn't "forget" to mention either, he knows he has nothing to contribute on either subject.24 September 2014   08:58