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Is it goodbye?....

If it is I should care, but I don't...

At heart I am a Unionist and should be in a full Cameronesque pannick mode over the future of the Union.  But, to be frank, I could not care less.

I have watched the unedifying referendum campaign at a distance in the assumption a No vote would result.  After all the Scots are not totally bonkers are they?

But it seems they are, or at least close to half the Scots, Romanians and Poles living there seem to be as mad as hatters. 

What we have seen from both sides is an uninspiring campaign of bullying and lies, with from the Yes campaign at least, a fair bit of intimidation thrown in.  It is not enough for Cameron and the other two main Party leaders to make emotional speeches about 'our family' in the last days of the campaign and it is certainly appalling to see massive bribes of money and powers being promised to buy a No vote.

Right now I see a Yes vote as offering the best and easiest solution for England and Wales.  Goodbye and good riddance to the ungratefuil miserable Scots.  Soon after independence their economy will hit a rock given the spending and taxation promises of the main two Scottish Parties and, no we should not help them out as they will be in a mess of their own making.  I can actually see an independent Scotland, needing to stand on its own two feet, having to 'swing right' politically to save itself. 

And the prize for England?
The removal of 59 Scottish MPs from Parliament, 58 of them pretty much useless Labour, LibDem and Scottish Nationalist MPs.  No longer will English education, health and local government be determined by Scottish MPs while English MPs have no say over these matters in Scotland.  A Constitutional injustice will have been righted.

But if there is a No vote these Constitutional issues will loom greater than ever with more and more powers, including economic powers, being devolved to Scotland. 

There will have to be change and that can only be good for England as there will be much less chance a Labour government will wreck the English economy again, but this will not be an easy Constitutional solution to achieve given the reluctance of Labour to provide a fair political settlement for England at the expense of their own power. 

Then of course there is the promise that the Barnett formula will remain.  That really is a promise too far and I hope that no Conservative MP will agree to that absurd bribe.

So a Yes vote is the easiest way out for England.

So now I, a Unionist, hopes that Scotland votes YES on Thursday for English freedom.


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