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I am back.... and a bit of a catch up....

I got back a week or so ago from a cruise, what was without a doubt the most relaxing and stress free holiday I have ever had.

It was an American cruise line and the service was simply superb as was the value.  Most of the passengers were American and I could not help but be reminded of why the Americans are so much better off than the British.

Unlike the Brits they do point to someone rich with envy, instead they think that will be me one day.
Unlike the Brits they are not foolish enough to think that benefits are a way to a decent lifestyle, they know that the only way to get that is by hard work.
Unlike the Brits they do not think they should walk into a well paid job.  They accept what they call 'entry level' pay as a step up towards something better.

Yes far too many Brits are sad and pathetic compared to the 'get up and get going' American attitude.

Yes - shame on all of you with those negative Brit attitudes I referred to above.  You know who you are!!!


Lot of news currently.... the cabinet reshuffle....
One of my favourite female MPs has been promoted to Cabinet, Ester McVey, but overall I am not convinced by Cameron's changes.  Far too cosmetic for me.  But, that said maybe that is what is needed in the run-up to an election.

Philip Hammond is a good choice for Foreign Secretary - so Cameron needs to give him free reign to be tough on the EU.


Next we have the unemployment figures - down to 6.5% and an interest rate rise cannot be far away.

Brilliant news that those in work are up at a record high.  This graph (from the Centre for Policy Studies) says it all with the key date being 2010 when we had the election.   It would be even better still if Osborne had actually done more to cut spending faster and deeper while also cutting tax.


But what about the hapless Milliminor?

He seems to have given up any hope at all of winning the election and is just playing to his own more extremist gallery.   Repeating all the old mistakes that in every term of Labour Government has led to a UK financial crisis and more unemployment.Labour never learn and never will.  A by-word for incompetence.


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  • Roger Walkden

    A good, positive attitude is obviously very important as it will push someone to get that good education.
    Going to Uni is not for everyone, most people in the building trade - brickies, electricians, plumbers, roofers, chippies etc. when they've got their skills, can do very well indeed.

    Roger16 July 2014   21:44
  • BarryW

    A good point Roger but even an education is no use at all if the individual has the wrong attitude towards work and attitude is the biggest problem many Brits have. I would prefer to employ someone with the right attitude for a job than someone else with all the 'right' qualifications. Qualifications do not equal the right attitude.

    Howard - yes I do believe they are. Obama is screwing things up a bit, probably the worse US President since Carter or maybe even longer. But even Obama cannot undermine that essential get up and go our US cousins have. You are right that there is a lot of crime and poverty in many cities in particular, as is the case here in the UK, but at least those who want to get on and turn their lives around can and do so and do not think benefits are the way to get on.

    There is good evidence to suggest excessive benefits can be a cause of poverty not a cure.16 July 2014   16:47
  • Roger Walkden

    Thanks Barry - welcome back, pleased to hear you enjoyed your cruise.

    I think the difference between Americans and a lot of Brits, is that many Brits who don't have a well-paid job, also didn't have (for a number of reasons), a good education.

    The better an eduction one has, the better lifestyle and life-choices one can make.

    Qualifications, whether an apprenticeship, a skill or trade, or even a profession, like a Doctor, Dentist, teacher even, will make a massive difference to one's life.
    A good education is like a key - it will open many doors.

    Not everyone is capable of course and those who simply can't get there,should be helped. Not everyone on low-pay is useless.

    Roger16 July 2014   16:36
  • howard mcsweeney1

    Are the Americans better off than us on the whole? I don't think so from listening to them talk in the past. A great country to be rich in undoubtedly but most people are not with many hard working people unable to pay for medical treatment until recently. They have more violent crime than most western countries and some cities are practically no go. I believe they have less paid annual leave than most European countries too.16 July 2014   15:59